Mom, I’ve divided the program into three major SECTIONS, as you can see below, highlighted. This is a little bit long, just follow through, and reply to me in the comments page if you have clarifications, you don’t have to email, I will be able to reply immediately : )

PS: I have clarifications for you, they are stated in bold letters, I hope you can reply to me ASAp about this :D


    • Opening Prayer

Preferably, a slideshow presentation. Josh Groban’s “The Prayer”. Naa’y copy sila Ma’am Trell adto, I’ll try to find my copy, if nadala pa nako… If not, himoan lang tamo ug slideshow (my gosh!!! And dami ko nang gawin!!!) :D

    • National Anthem – please, I know that this is a private affair, but it wouldn’t hurt to remind everybody of their patriotism every once in awhile. I’ll see if I can get you a video presentation : )
    • Welcome Remarks / Renewal of vows– to be done by the eldest son, who will then give the toast.

I am dead serious about this part. I know that you had already finished your vows in the church wedding, however, I remember that special wedding sponsored by Oprah, where the couple prepared a vow for each other. It’s like a personal promise that you give to the other that really comes from you heart and you word on your own, no help from anybody else or any source. I think that each of you deserves a piece of heart-warming promise from the other, now that you’ve gone this far and you still have further to go together : )

You can say it to in bisaya if you are ore comfortable, just as long as the words come from the heart, You can even bring a copy if you like : )

This shall be facilitated by Jojo, your eldest son (Jo, please be serious here) after which, you will seal it with a KISS and jojo shall give the toast. (segue to the next part of the program). But before the renewal of vows though, jojo shall first welcome the guests, make them comfortable with a few words and explain what the renewal of vows is all about and what is to happen : )


In the following parts, I have incorporated some games along with the traditional wedding ceremonies. I figure out that the mass is already too formal, it wouldn’t hurt if we could add up some fun along with the tradition. Afterall, this happens only once in a lifetime : )

Please tell me the general demography of most of your guests and how large is the number. The games below though are flexible enough for any persons, but I am keeping in mind that since this is a silver wedding anniversary, then most of your guests must also be married folks? : )

    • Wine toasting

Game: Wine-drinking contest

For: The happily married men or happily single but looking

Introduction: Alcoholic beverages has long been called ‘spirits’. This could mean that to partake this bounty is used to drive away the bad spirits away, or to invite the good spirits in. In line with this mythical folklore, we invite the gentlemen to give us more good spirits for the celebrating couple.

Mechanics: There shall be wine glasses for the contestants, prepared besides the glasses of the couple. However, the contestant’s glasses will be covered with table napkin. Each contestant shall choose a wine glass of their own while it is still covered. They will then drink and finish the content of their glass right before the couple will finish theirs. The ones who finish later than the couple shall perform a song or dance number. To be clear, everyone who is already finished with their drink needs to raise up their glasses, most especially the couple.

The catch?

This will be the contents of the contestant’s wineglasses, which are all covered so they will not know: egg white, egg yolk, coke, sprite, royal, water, water with salt, wine, water with vinegar, water with soysauce, water with pepper, beer, juice, concentrated lime juice, etc (just choose, or add up anything you have available, especially those that can be easily requested from the restaurant’s kitchen : )

*** note to the camera man, make sure to capture this moment!!! Especially a close-up to the faces!!!

    • Cake Slicing

Game: Cake wishing

For: The happily married women or happily single but looking

Introduction: Don’t worry ladies, this game is not as difficult as the men’s : ). You will all assist the bride and groom as they will slice and partake their cake. You will pick out traditional papers from the cake (if you cannot have your cake maker do this, it is easy to just insert these papers yourself), but other than the traditional wishes, we also have something in store for you.

PS: If it’s okay, we can invite some of my barkadas, Rhea,Krishna, Kronelia, etc, we can give them a copy of this program and they can assist you with the details, because you need to concentrate on yourself on this occassion :D

Mechanics: These will be some sample of what’s written on the papers:

Please sing a song that you can dedicate to the couple (please make this twice).

If the couple are a pair of animals, what would they probably be and why?

What wish can you give to the couple?

Which Foreign or Filipino actor can you identify with Willy and why? How about to Neneh?

Where would you wabt the couple to spend their second honeymoon and why?

Why do you think that Willy and Neneh are compatible to each other?

Which loveteam in Philippine showbusiness can you identify with the bride and groom?

If its true that ‘ang buhay ay isang pelikula’, which movie do you think should willy and neneh star in?

    • The Game for the Bride and Groom

Game: Battle of the Sexes

For: everyone!

Introduction: Of course, hindi magpapahuli ang bride and groom. And because they have been together for 25 years loving each other, this time we will put them in a game against each other, this is a male vs. female game!

Mechanics: All interested women shall go to Neneh’s side, while all interested men shall go to Willy’s side. The teams shall all be facing against the other. The MC shall be in the middle to supervise the game.

This shall be like a charade, but this time, instead of pantomiming the answer, the groom or the bride shall butt spell the answer and their same-sex team will guess (ask the younger generation how this is done: )

However, you can also opt for charade if you want, though some of the answers will be too easy because the questions will be announced.

I would prefer that the questions will not be known to the bride and groom and I will just email my brothers secretly for the questions, if mom and dad will be comfortable with this : )

These are the sample questions, to test how the couple really knows each other through 25 years:

      • What is the other’s favorite color?
      • What is the other’s favorite drink?
      • What is the other’s favorite food?
      • What is the other’s age?
      • How many is the other’s siblings?
      • How olds is the other’s mother if she is alive now?

I know some questions will be tough to answer, but mom and dad, just email me what you want to do about the games, these are just suggestions. I do believe we need to add these games to make this occasion more memorable to your guests and you, of course : ).


    • Dinner

As I’ve learned before in my various stints as a wedding host, Filipinos have this peculiar habit of leaving the table right after eating – whether it is just a trip (or frequent trips) to the bathroom, or for a cigar break, a quick gossip outside at the corridor, or worse, go home or to somewhere else. It is therefore better to generally avoid any other part of the program after dinner, because by this period, the senses of the guest are already well-satiated. The following activities however still warrant some cooperation especially to some well-meaning guests. Read on J

    • Video Presentation, well-wishing, response, dance

I prefer that the video presentation be done in the early part of dinner.

How is the dinner arrangement – buffet or plate-in?

I’ll prepare a slideshow presentation of all symbols of love. This will be good us a spacer, to give people to look at while there’s a lull in the program, for instance, during the table hopping, or when people are waiting for the start of the program. This can also be used while people are waiting for their food. If I do not have the time anymore to do this, the very same video presentation for the opening prayer might be utilized (OR, please see below for my BUSINESS IDEA). Then once every body has settled in their tables, the real video presentation can start.

This is a timely segue for the next part which is the well-wishing. The video will sort of introduce everybody present to the life of the couple. After that, the couple’s friends will then say something to the couple, which is well connected to the video also : )

After this part, the couple can say their thank you’s and general response to the guest. The speech shall end with a romantic dance to celebrate the occasion. Everybody will then be invited to the dance floor (just say it in the guise of, ‘pahilis sa tanang gikaon’).


I do not know if you have any plans to collect money either through the couple dance or the giving of giftaways (and selling of putos). No offense, but I think this methods are already too cliché and I know that it would also be awkward to ask money still from your guests when you already have a business together.

However, in the name of business (that’s we are about :), and giving your guests a more personalized memorabilia, I suggest that the photos that were taken during the mass and the funny ones during the games and the previous parts of the program, will be presented through a slideshow. The gist is that, while the guests are waiting for some lull parts in the program, they will be delighted to see themselves up in the screen. In between pictures, you can post something like:

If there is any photo you like from this presentation, kindly approach the HONG brothers in front (where the computer and printer is) for a personalized copy for Php 10 pesos each.

If there is still extra time, guests who request can have a border or name and date of the occasion added up to their photo ( I think I can provide a generic border, with a generous amount of white space so we can save on ink, but at the same very matched to the theme of the occassion).

To maximize on the profit, you don’t have to prepare photo paper, just use premium paper and cut them ahead of time. You can set the printer to A5 or decide on a customize size that you want. The bigger the better because you don’t have to cut many pieces of a short/long bond paper (premium paper) and you can also ask for more money for each photo : )

To the camera man, make sure that pictures are, as much as possible, all be taken in the horizontal perspective so that they will be uniform and you don’t have to edit much in printing pictures or showing slideshows : )

Note to ONIN: do you know photoshop already? : )

  • ONE LAST THING, I would prefer that Emanh speak in English, and just intersperse it with a few bisaya. This is for the selfish reason of training Emanh to speak in English, and to add more formality and specialty to the occasion. If somebody else where to do it, like me for example, I would end up being too corny. However, Emanh being a kid, is excusable. He will even gain more fans than he has already.

I’ll try my best to come up with a script for Emanh but I would really appreciate it if you can come up with a script and then I’ll just edit. I think I am swamped with work already : )

So what do you think guys? : )

Wheew... that was long. I’ll wait for your reply!


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